IELTS Crash Course

We offer a comprehensive modulewise learning program that spans over 15 days, with a total of 25 hours of training. This includes 12 hours of live training sessions conducted by our expert trainers. In addition, we provide 3 mock tests and 3 feedback sessions to ensure continuous improvement.

To support your self-practice, we also provide access to top-notch e-learning materials. With our professional approach, you can enhance your skills and achieve your learning goals effectively.

2 months

Course Syllabus

IELTS Oversee Counseling


Why EnglishMasterz ?

  • We train students in a variety of courses based on English.
  • 100% Guaranteed Results.
  • Students with different levels.
  • Limited students in a batch.
  • All English courses at one place.

What you'll learn

  • Get Band 7+ in all 4 IELTS tests - IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
  • Suitable for IELTS General and IELTS Academic students
  • Learn great skills for IELTS Reading and Listening
  • Create perfect written answers for IELTS Academic or General Writing
  • Impress the IELTS Speaking examiner with your answers


  • You need around A2-B1 level English to take this course.
  • You don't need to know anything about IELTS - the course has everything you need to kno


Our crash course offers a comprehensive overview of all four exam modules, including an in-depth analysis of exam formats, areas for improvement, and valuable tips and tricks for achieving a score of 7 bands or higher. Additionally, you will benefit from two mock exams and twelve live sessions with our esteemed trainer. Rest assured, our course is designed to provide you with the expertise and knowledge you need to succeed.

What is included?

IELTS Listening: 


1) Understand the IELTS Listening test

2) Learn how to prepare for the IELTS Listening test

3) Practice every different type of question

4) Answer a full IELTS Listening test together

IELTS Academic Writing: 

– Learn how to answer IELTS Academic Writing Tasks 1 and 2

– Understand all IELTS Writing Tasks 1 and 2 questions

– Find out how the IELTS Examiner decides your score

– Learn how to choose data and make a plan

– Learn easy grammar structures to get a high IELTS score

– Learn complex grammar structures to impress the IELTS examiner

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What our Student say

Our testimonials showcase real customer feedback and success stories from our students, giving an in-depth look at the level of education they have acquired.


I am Rashmi and I had been preparing for the IELTS exam for 1 year by taking training on various platforms and was not getting more than 5 bands but when I joined EnglishMasterz the training provided to me was awesome and I got my desired band score of 6.5 bands in just 1 month and now I am eligible for all countries. I am grateful to EnglishMasterz for this.

Batool Habib

Batool Habib, a Pakistani residing in Saudi Arabia, pursued a comprehensive curriculum encompassing Business Communication and the IELTS course. She attests to the exceptional quality of the program and praises the intelligence and expertise of the instructor.

Zeeshan Masood

After attempting the IELTS examination several times without success, I decided to enroll with EnglishMasterz. To my delight, I successfully passed the test on my very first attempt. As a result, I am now eligible to apply for any country I desire. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to EnglishMasterz for providing exceptional training. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend others to join this esteemed institution.


I am Esra, a resident of Hyderabad, and I had the privilege of enrolling in EnglishMasterz to prepare for my IELTS exam. With great satisfaction, I achieved an impressive overall score of 7 bands on my very first attempt. I wholeheartedly endorse EnglishMasterz to all aspiring students who are considering taking the IELTS test. Their expertise and guidance are truly invaluable.